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Why call this website Managed Luck?

The name is a mix of formal and informal, corporate and personal. Too much of what is written about 'internal control' and 'risk management' seems to me to be dreary, impersonal, abstract, and unhelpful. People are told sternly what words they must use, how to think, what they must do. They are told to do things in a standard way. To meet good practice or face penalties. And the beneficiary too often seems to be 'the organisation', not the people in it.

The tragedy is that learning to be more aware of uncertainty and cope with it better gives great personal advantages. Why go through life constantly surprised and wrong-footed, a victim of human psychology, when you can learn to gain a wider perspective and deal more calmly and effectively with what life throws at you?

This website aims to offer something more human and more practical.

Managed Luck is for risk/control professionals and for the millions of people in organisations that they seek to help through promoting ideas under the banners of risk management, uncertainty management, and internal control.


Why "Managed Luck"?

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